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Antarctic Sea Ice #3: Trends and Future Projections

2 Aug 2022 Since satellite records began, there have been strong regionally- and seasonally-varying patterns of change and variability in sea-ice extent around Antarctica...

Antarctic Sea Ice #2: Biological Importance

2 Aug 2022 Changing sea-ice conditions are already resulting in changes in the distribution and behaviours of several sea ice-dependent and -tolerant species....

Antarctic Sea Ice #1: Physical Role and Function

2 Aug 2022 Our understanding of Antarctic sea ice system is currently held back by a lack of adequate observations and needs addressing with a coordinated programmes....
Inland Aquatic Environments

Antarctic Subglacial Lakes

15 Apr 2019 Over 400 lakes exist beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. Such lakes likely harbour unique micro-organisms. We review their study, exploration and findings to date....