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Key messages from Portal Information Summaries

Our aim is to providing easy access to information on a range of scientific issues relevant to Antarctic environmental governance and management. Our Portal Information Summaries are intended to be concise, technically accurate, politically neutral and accessible to a broad audience. In addition, we have designed a set of ‘PortalGraphics’ to help convey the key messages of the summaries.

All of these infographics are based on existing Information Summaries, which can be found in our Publications section.

Ten scientific messages on risks and opportunities for life in the Antarctic Geothermal environments in Antarctica Microplastics in the Southern Ocean Pathways for the introduction of terrestrial non-native species
Southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina L.) in the Antarctic Treaty Area Antarctic Sea Ice #1: Physical Role and Function Antarctic Sea Ice #2: Biological Importance Antarctic Sea Ice #3: Trends and Future Projections