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Terrestrial non-native species in Antarctica: introduction, impact and management response

11 Aug 2023 Non-native species introductions and establishment are having substantial and likely irreversible environmental impacts on Antarctic ecosystems and biodiversity...

Ten scientific messages on risks and opportunities for life in the Antarctic

21 Feb 2022 26 experts synthesized knowledge on impacts and risks of climate-change on biological processes and ecosystem functions in the Antarctic....

Non-native microbial introductions: what risk to Antarctic ecosystems?

13 Mar 2018 The introduction of non-native microorganisms into Antarctica and the distribution of microorganisms within Antarctica is an area of management concern....

Geothermal environments in Antarctica

6 Feb 2018 Geothermal environments in Antarctica are of ecological and scientific value. Measures in place to manage human activities on these environments are discussed. ...

The impacts of trampling and ground disturbances on Antarctic soils

13 Mar 2018 How does pedestrian traffic impact Antarctic soils and how can it be managed?...

Antarctic Wildlife Diseases

14 Dec 2015 There is limited information on pathogens and diseases in Antarctic wildlife and climate change may increase the risk of introductions and transmission. ...

Environmental Remediation

11 Feb 2018 The main barriers facing environmental remediation efforts are discussed with examples of remediation projects that have taken place in Antarctica to date....

Important Bird Areas in Antarctica

26 May 2016 204 Important Bird Areas have been established in Antarctica using internationally agreed selection criteria. ...
Human Activities

Persistent Organic Pollutants in Antarctica

19 Aug 2019 This Information Summary looks at available data on and the implications of POPs in Antarctica and highlights key future research questions. ...

Specially protected and managed areas in Antarctica

3 Apr 2014

Status of known non-native species introductions and impacts

21 Aug 2015 What non-native species have been found in Antarctica to date? This paper reviews available knowledge on possible pathways, impacts and management approaches....