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Antarctic Wildlife Diseases

14 Dec 2015 There is limited information on pathogens and diseases in Antarctic wildlife and climate change may increase the risk of introductions and transmission. ...
Human Activities

Persistent Organic Pollutants in Antarctica

19 Aug 2019 This Information Summary looks at available data on and the implications of POPs in Antarctica and highlights key future research questions. ...

Ross Seal

18 Apr 2016 The Ross seal is one of four marine carnivores that breed in sea-ice habitats around Antarctica. We review what is known about their distribution and abundance....

Sampling the Southern Ocean: technology for observing the marine system

21 Jun 2018

Sources, dispersal and impacts of wastewater in Antarctica

28 Sep 2016 Advanced treatment methodologies represent the best possible solution to mitigate the environmental risks associated with discharges in Antarctica. ...

Vulnerability of Southern Ocean biota to climate change

27 Apr 2017 Southern Ocean life is adapted to unique Antarctic conditions. What do we know about how Antarctic marine life will respond to changing oceanic conditions? ...

Antarctic Marine Biodiversity

10 Feb 2018 The SCAR Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean serves as a vital benchmark of current biodiversity knowledge. ...