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Human Activities

Clean-up of past waste disposal sites and abandoned work sites in Antarctica

3 Apr 2014 What are the challenges involved in the remediation of historic waste disposal and abandoned work sites in Antarctica? ...
Inland Aquatic Environments

Diversity of Antarctic lakes, ponds and streams

10 May 2019 The diversity of inland aquatic ecosystems is summarised and their vulnerability to human intervention and environmental change is considered. ...

Environmental Remediation

11 Feb 2018 The main barriers facing environmental remediation efforts are discussed with examples of remediation projects that have taken place in Antarctica to date....
Human Activities

Human disturbance to Antarctic wildlife

3 Apr 2014 Stress responses to human activities in Antarctic mammals and birds are discussed and available research and existing guidelines highlighted. ...

Important Bird Areas in Antarctica

26 May 2016 204 Important Bird Areas have been established in Antarctica using internationally agreed selection criteria. ...
Inland Aquatic Environments

Inland aquatic biodiversity in Antarctica

21 Aug 2019 How well do we understand the biodiversity of inland aquatic systems? ...

Pathways for the Introduction of Terrestrial Non-Native species

27 Nov 2018 What do we know about the pathways for introduction of non-native species to Antarctica due to human activity?...
Human Activities

Persistent Organic Pollutants in Antarctica

19 Aug 2019 This Information Summary looks at available data on and the implications of POPs in Antarctica and highlights key future research questions. ...

Predicting Antarctic Climate Using Climate Models

16 May 2016 How do climate models work? How are they used and what are the challenges in simulating future Antarctic climate?...

Ross Seal

18 Apr 2016 The Ross seal is one of four marine carnivores that breed in sea-ice habitats around Antarctica. We review what is known about their distribution and abundance....

Sampling the Southern Ocean: technology for observing the marine system

21 Jun 2018

Sources, dispersal and impacts of wastewater in Antarctica

28 Sep 2016 Advanced treatment methodologies represent the best possible solution to mitigate the environmental risks associated with discharges in Antarctica. ...