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Specially protected and managed areas in Antarctica

3 Apr 2014

Status of known non-native species introductions and impacts

21 Aug 2015

The introduction of non-native species to Antarctica

3 Apr 2014 Antarctica’s biodiversity and its intrinsic values are at risk from the introduction of non-native species, largely due to human activity....

Vulnerability of Southern Ocean biota to climate change

27 Apr 2017 Southern Ocean life is adapted to unique Antarctic conditions. What do we know about how Antarctic marine life will respond to changing oceanic conditions? ...
Inland Aquatic Environments

Antarctic Subglacial Lakes

15 Apr 2019 Over 400 lakes exist beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. Such lakes likely harbour unique micro-organisms. We review their study, exploration and findings to date....

Antarctic Marine Biodiversity

10 Feb 2018 The SCAR Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean serves as a vital benchmark of current biodiversity knowledge. ...